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Domain Names

Domain names are the first step in creating your online presence. Your name should be shorter than longer and easily spelled as well as memorable. We suggest using .com names, as they are the most recognizable. There are other domain strategies that we employ for our customers and we will work with you on this topic.

One point about domain names. This is not how people are going to find you on the WEB if they do not know you. Your site will be coded (meta data) to attract leads based on your real estate prospects conducting searches through Google, Yahoo or the other search engines. A good domain helps, but it's not the most important part of the site.

For example, if I wanted to look at homes in Chicago, I'll do a search for "Chicago Homes" or "Homes in Chicago" and then the list of Websites comes up and I can browse through the sites. If I was looking for a Realtor® in Chicago, I would type in Chicago Realtors® and go from there. So, it is ok to use something like if that is how you market and brand yourself, but we would recommend a separate domain for your hosting like for improved search engine placement. is a great tool to get you started with a name for your Website. Just enter in a search and you'll typically get about 50 choices of available domain names. It's great for brainstorming if you are uncertain of your Real Estate domain name.

When you work with us, we'll even do the searching for you and send you the list of what we think are the best names for your Website.


Content is king on the WEB. When you work with one of template companies, you'll get a Website that is set-up like every other site that they sell. Most of the written content is the same and this is fine as long as you go back and change that written content and then continually add to your site. If you do not go back and change that content though, that will actually decrease your site ranking as most search engines penalize sites with all re purposed content.

We have staff on board that can write for you and ensure that your site is constantly moving up the search engines.


This is one of the most tossed around words of the new millennium. But branding is very important and starts with your business card. If you have a Website, you also have an email that matches that domain. Your business card should always have your Website listed on there and your email should reflect either the broker's Website ( or your site ( but you should avoid using something like or because your prospects might wonder why you are using a personal email when you have a business Website.

These little things can cost you business.

Collecting Emails

One of the most important things you can do to increase your market share is to communicate with your audience on a consistent basis. Research shows that it is critical to "touch" your target market a minimum of 16 times a year.

Free email marketing trial from Constant Contact - No Credit Card needed!

Your Sphere

Collecting addresses is not as difficult as it is putting those to good use. Sending out a monthly market update or newsletter that people want to read is a great way to brand yourself. This also allows your audience to pass (viral marketing) your info to people in their sphere.


Need help getting started on a Website? Just have questions? We'll show you how to start a free site, a template site, move up to a custom site or assist you with your current site.

Want to maximize your online exposure with the connections you've already established?

Want to add time to your day by taking away the stress of maintaining a Website for less than maintaining it yourself?

We're here for YOU!

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